Our Health and Safety Precautions

When disinfecting and cleaning offices, we want to take the health and comfort of our patients into account. For this reason, our team is proud to announce we’re implementing a 100% safe alternative to bleach to disinfect the building with the HOCL disinfectant fogger. For over 150 years, Hypochlorous Acid has been used in the food, hotel, agriculture, livestock and in the public health industry to help kill harmful fungi, bacteria, and viruses. This unique oxidant that is produced naturally by our own body’s white blood cells to destroy germs and protect the body. The active ingredient used in this the fogger is a scientific formula created from HOCL, and is a weak acid much like citrus juice. The disinfectant fogger uses electricity to activate a special saltwater solution that has been in use for over 40 years, creating a fog to disinfect surfaces and making this a go-to option in the food, healthcare, water treatment, and sanitation industries. We’re very excited to be employing such an advanced option for protecting the health of our patients and team members!

The disinfectant fog reaches multiple surfaces in a room, providing a much more thorough approach than other sanitizing systems. However, this new technology is not the only protocol we’re implementing to keep you safe! To ensure social distancing by keeping people from sharing the waiting room, we have limited the number of patients in the office at one time. When you step inside, we will take you and your family’s temperatures and go over our screening questions once more. We will require all patients and their guardians/parents to wear a mask, and our team will provide hand sanitizer when you enter the office. One parent or guardian is permitted to follow a child in for an appointment, and of course, our team will be wearing PPE, including gloves and masks. A hydrogen peroxide pre-rinse will be administered prior to treatment, and we will be providing fewer options for scheduling times to ensure proper social distancing. Add this to our increased health and safety measures, and you have an environment in which you and your family can feel confident and safe!